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Don't just take my word for it, see how my students describe their experience.

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"My very first yoga class was taught by Laurine. I remember being nervous but her calming energy and patience reassured me instantly. When my poses needed an adjustment, she would ask if she could touch me first. That made me feel comfortable and respected. 
I noticed a positive change in my flexibility and posture after taking her classes, I'd leave the sessions feeling accomplished.
She gives each student attention individually, whilst keeping up the pac
e of a class session.
I always felt like the chosen poses varied, some were relaxing whilst others were challenging, but ultimately they all worked well together and made me feel fit
Laurine is an excellent teacher and has forever peaked my interest in yoga, watching her talk about her passion has inspired me to practice it indefinitely."

-Anna-Klara, London
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"I felt thoroughly rejuvenated with the various classes I had with Laurine. I think the main thing is having an instructor who you are comfortable with and who makes you feel safe, pushing your body into new challenges.It is absolutely worth it !
I didn't even know my body was so tensed in places until it was stretched and held in a certain spot for enough time. It feels challenging while you do it - but at the end you feel the tension has physically disappeared from your muscles. I felt happy experiencing a natural rush of endorphin through my body and mind. 
You cannot find a better person to instigate a love of yoga ! I'm the laziest person and I enjoyed it and genuinely benefit from repeated lessons - So I would definitely recommend."

-Momina Tarar, London
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Yoga for me is more than just becoming more flexible, it's about gaining a deeper awareness of my body and my mind. For example, how am I putting myself into poses, how am I breathing whilst in those poses, and what is on my mind during the practice. I believe striving towards a more aligned technique, controlled breathes and an unburdened mindset, will naturally translate into the improvement of my flexibility, mobility and strength. Whilst also helping me cultivate a healthy headspace, which I can use outside my practice.


HOWEVER! That's really, really hard to do and taking that journey alone is even harder! So, it comes down to finding a teacher capable at guiding me in each of those aforementioned areas and I found Laurine to be one of those very teachers.


At the start of my first lesson with her, she immediately set the mood of the practice, helping me forget about whatever else happened in my day. When we began to get into poses her description and personal demonstration of the proper technique helped my own. What is even better, is that she will sometimes walk around and individually guide your posture and breathing. Which kept me engaged on my practice, shutting out that internal dialogue.


Suffice it to say, the three things I value in my yoga practice, Laurine delivers on! She's an involved and engaging teacher, who likes to challenge her students' limits constructively, to guide their growth.  I feel myself getting better at the end of each session even on the days my muscles feel really tight and/or my mind is feeling cluttered.


If you even have one value in common with me or have personal goals you want to achieve, you'll be investing wisely by choosing Laurine as your yoga teacher.”

-Alexander Harrison, Birmingham

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"I recently had the pleasure of taking classes with Laurine, and I must say it was an incredibly positive experience. Laurine has a deep understanding of yoga poses and adapted the class to my needs. 

The emphasis on mindfulness and meditation in Laurine’s sessions was what I enjoyed the most. She guided me throughout the whole session with peace and calm. I can only recommend her classes. They were the ideal balance between physical challenge and mental relaxation, and I can’t wait for the next session !"

-Leila Michelle, London

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