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My Yoga journey

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Namaste and welcome to Nymeria Yoga! My name is Laurine, and I am a certified yoga instructor in Vinyasa and Hatha yoga.

I discovered a deep and instant passion for Yoga from the first time I practiced. I started Yoga a few years ago when I was looking for a lower intensity physical activity that would help me get into better shape from the comfort of my bedroom. Yoga seemed like the perfect solution for me. Fast forward years later, it is safe to say that I found much more than just a discipline to become ‘fitter’. It gave me a sense of empowerment that I aim to help my students feel during each class.

Yoga didn’t just help develop self-confidence in my body and mind, it brought me full body-awareness that allowed me to become able to move my muscles and joints in ways I never thought I could. It also allowed me to identify tension points in my body and establishing the right series of stretches to relieve this tension, in my body and others. Within a month of practicing every day, I went from not being able to touch my toes to doing mind-blowing yoga poses like the wheel or the splits. The instant improvements in my body, breath and mental health made me eager to deepen my knowledge of the practice, not only so I could further my own journey, but also to bring to others the life changing benefits it brought me.

Thus, I completed a Yoga teacher training program in the magical island and Yoga paradise of Koh-Phangan (Thailand) where I had the opportunity to study with some incredible teachers from all around the world at Orion Healing School. I acquired more in depth-knowledge about Yoga - its philosophy and historical roots, poses and their alignments, and everything from anatomy to breathwork.


Once I graduated from Yoga school, I began to build my teaching career – first with close friends and family, then quickly expanding to a variety of clientele and classes,  including hosting gym classes, private classes, Yoga for personal trainers, Yoga for MMA fighters, Yoga for Weightlifters, Initiation to Yoga for beginners, workshops to reach deep backbends…. I am also committed to continuing my education and regularly attend workshops and trainings to deepen my knowledge and skills.


"Yoga gave me a sense of empowerment I aim to help my students feel during each class"




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