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Private Yoga classes in London with Nymeria Yoga

Whether you are looking to improve your full body strength, flexibility, mobility, reach harder yoga poses or deepen your mindfulness practice, I will build a movement practice that helps you achieve your goals. 

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Book ONLINE classes from anywhere in the world!

Empower your body and mind with my online vinyasa and hatha classes ! Enjoy Yoga from the comfort of your home. I will guide you through each class, offering modifications and variations to suit all levels of experience.

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Why choose Nymeria Yoga ?

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"My very first yoga class was taught by Laurine. I remember being nervous but her calming energy and patience reassured me instantly. (...) I noticed a positive change in my flexibility and posture after taking her classes. (...) Laurine is an excellent teacher and has forever peaked my interest in yoga, watching her talk about her passion has inspired me to practice it indefinitely."


"(...). At the start of my first lesson with her, she immediately set the mood of the practice, helping me forget about whatever else happened in my day. (...) She's an involved and engaging teacher, who likes to challenge her students' limits constructively, to guide their growth.  I feel myself getting better at the end of each session even on the days my muscles feel really tight and/or my mind is feeling cluttered (...)

-Alexander Harrison

“Laurine’s yoga classes are top notch. My first class with her, hip opening session was a huge eye opener for how much work I need to put into this practice. As a mixed martial artist, flexibility is paramount and was always an area I lacked in, especially in my lower body. (...)"

-Kevin Faria De Matos

"Whether you want to start your yoga journey or want to keep practicing, Laurine is the instructor for you. She knows how to adapt to her students' level, needs, or core strengths to build the perfect yoga session for you. With her relaxing voice, music and great exercises, I was able to feel completely relaxed and learned a lot. Don't hesitate further and reach out to her if you want to try or continue practicing yoga!"

-Marianne Chantaraud

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